Spectator Reserved Parking

Reserve a Parking Spot Today, Only $20!

Don't worry about racing other spectators to the best spots. Get your own pre-reserved spot large enough for an RV for select spectator events! *Nasa June Joust $40

Contact Us To Reserve a Spot for a Specific Event or the Whole Season!

Call us at (304) 725-8444 or email us at Motorsports@xatorcorp.com for up to date pricing.

Reserved Parking Dates

              June 19-20      SCCA WDCR                                   June 26-27      NASA June Joust                            July 17-18       BMW New Jersey                            July 24-25       SCCA WDCR                                      Aug 14-15       CCS Motorcycles                            Aug 21-22       FRP - WKC                                       Sept 4-6          SCCA WDCR                                    Sept 11-12     WERA                                                Oct 9-10         SCCA WDCR                                     Nov 19-21       Vintage Racer Group