Summit Point℠ Motorsports Park hosts a variety of activities at the facility. There is truly something for everyone here. Explore how you can be a part of the fun!

Friday at the Track (FATT)℠ is a performance driving event for drivers of all skill levels from the beginner to the experienced track day participant. This instructional event allows you to bring your street or track prepared car out for a day at the track and enjoy going fast without the fear of red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror. For a whole lot less than the cost of a speeding ticket, you receive classroom instruction (Novice and Intermediate drivers), skid pad instruction in our cars (including front and rear skid management), and four sessions on track in your own car with in-car instruction for Novice and Intermediate drivers, or Solo for Advanced drivers. It is a chance to go fast and have fun in a controlled environment.

Drift Nirvana℠ Drift Nirvana℠ Have you ever wanted to try drifting? Do you want to gain valuable skills to improve your drift technique? Here’s your opportunity to drift at beginner to advanced level race tracks. Drift Nirvana℠ is open to new through experienced drifters.

Open Practice is for competition licensed drivers and cars. This event precedes SCCA race weekends and is available for any road racing car prepared in accordance with the rules of SCCA, PCA, SVRA, or HSR or other sanctioning bodies. “Open Passing” is permitted, however mock racing or overly aggressive driving is not permitted. Requires current competition license to participate.

Seat Time is for experienced, solo qualified performance driving enthusiasts. Participants must be certified as “Solo” through FATT, other equivalent performance driver education events, or possess a current competition license. Street cars must meet FATT requirements. Competition-prepared cars must meet open practice specifications. “Open wheel” race cars are not permitted at Seat Time events.

The Jefferson 500 has grown into one of the largest and most respected vintage races in the northeast. In 2009 Bill Scott Racing and the Vintage Racers Group partnered bring the Jefferson 500 back to the Summit Point℠ Motorsports Park. This annual event brings over 200 cars a year to Summit Point, WV for three days of racing, a test day and a driver’s school.

Accident Avoidance “Drivers ed” teaches beginners how to drive. BSR’s Accident Avoidance training teaches already-licensed drivers how to handle highway emergencies. So trained, Accident Avoidance graduates will have the opportunity to respond instantaneously and more positively to any driving emergency. The difference can save lives.

BSR (BSR Training) is the recognized leader in vehicle anti-terrorist and criminal activity training for Military and Governmental applications worldwide. With 30 years of experience, BSR understands terrorism and criminal activity related to vehicular matters and has developed a conceptual base for responses that is state-of-the-art.