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Director’s Message

Things are moving along in our 50th season at Summit Point! Progress is being made on our deer fencing project. When complete, the new fence will be over 3 miles long and cover the perimeter of the Motorsports complex. When finished, other measures will be put in place to reduce the population inside the park as well as measures to lessen the shrubbery and undergrowth around the track footprint.

Three Seat Time events have been added to our calendar in February. If you are a Solo qualified driver in our FATT program, or with another organization, you are eligible to participate. We are offering these February dates at a discounted rate. As long as the weather cooperates, over 40* and little to no chance of precipitation during the day, these events will take place.

If you sign up for a Seat Time and the event is cancelled, no worries! This year, you won’t be charged until the day of the event, so there is nothing to lose by signing up! If you are not yet Solo qualified, then be sure and sign up for a Friday at the Tracksm (FATT) this season so you too can join in the fun later this year!

Our Driver’s Club returns again in 2019. This program is exclusive to Solo qualified drivers and competition licensed drivers. Members enjoy not only an open track style format with a catered lunch during the event , but also reduced rates for FATT, Seat Time and Open Practice, as well as free electric use at any event at Summit Point. For more info check out our website for pricing and restrictions.

Have you completed our survey for 2019? If not please do so you can have a voice in the future of Summit Point! Click the link below to take the anonymous survey and make your opinion heard!

Chris White,
Director of Motorsports