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Summit Point Statement Concerning COVID-19: 

In an effort to be proactive, Summit Point Motorsports Park and the Xator Corporation has implemented the recommended CDC procedures for the facility in late February.

Additional cleaning and 'housekeeping' measures have been added in accordance with OSHA guidelines on preventing transmission of infection.

Our plan is to continue with our full schedule, while taking these necessary precautions.  Our sprawling, rural outdoor setting provides an atmosphere that is quite different than other indoor event venues.  We will carefully monitor our staffing levels and prepare alternate plans to properly host your event. We are purchasing additional equipment to allow for outdoor classroom space when applicable.

Our EMS staff has been involved with local agencies and medical facilities to ensure we are prepared accordingly to treat any suspected case of COVID-19 we may come in contact with.  Understand if you encounter our EMS staff for treatment of injury or illness you may be asked a series of screening questions pertaining to COVID-19.  Our staff is not able to diagnose COVID-19 but should you meet any of the screening criteria we are prepared to treat and transport patients accordingly.

With continued communication and awareness, we are confidently moving forward.  If you have any questions, please give us a call here at the office.  We will continue to update our procedures as needed and will follow all local, regional and state guidelines.

Any schedule changes will be addressed if they arise.


Director of Motorsports Operations