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Drift Nirvana Pop Up Event

February 28 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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The return of hot lapping on the Washington circuit! This first event of the year will be held on February 28, 2021. Drivers are permitted to load in the day before on February 27 (after 6pm) and stay overnight.

The Circuit will be divided into two courses: Hot Lap and Single Run. No cage is required for hot lap or single run.

Single Run: Single Run drivers run on the track solo. There is only one car on track at a time. Single Run drivers who wish to move to Hot Lap sessions must demonstrate the ability to drift the entire course without spinning or straightening at least twice in a row. They should be in full control of their car at all times, and follow similar lines throughout the course.

Hot Lap: Hot Lap drivers do NOT need a roll cage to hot lap. However, they are required to maintain a safe distance between other cars on track. They will be on track with other cars but must not follow too closely behind them. If you are driving too close to another driver, you will be shown a yellow flag. This means to slow down and back up. If you continue to follow too closely, you will be shown a black flag. If you see a black flag, you must exit the course at your first opportunity. If you are shown a black flag twice, you will be moved to the Single Run group. If you feel you are being followed too close, pull off the course and tell the flagger. Then re-enter the course.


Washington Circuit
201 Motorsports Park Circle
Summit Point, West Virginia 25446