Driver’s Club

The Driver’s Club program is an exclusive group of experienced and discerning drivers seeking more track time. Driver’s Club Members will enjoy many perks including at least 17 exclusive days per year on our Summit Point Main Circuit.  More dates (weekend days on Shenandoah or Jefferson, etc.) will likely be added.

Driver’s Club is open to any driver that has achieved “solo” status from any of a number driving clubs.  Track days run from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm with a break for lunch.  The track remains open for all driver’s throughout the day except for brief worker breaks and a lunch break.

Driver’s Club Member Benefits
  • Unencumbered wide-open track time with Summit Point flaggers and safety personnel in place
  • Driver’s Club exclusive logo hat, shirt, jacket and travel mug
  • Catered lunch buffet during your member days
  • Lunch time guest laps with a pace car (with guest as driver)*
  • Passenger privileges for anyone that you wish to have in your car as a passenger.*
  • Special rates on lodging at Hillbrook Inn – 25% off Lodging & Dining
  • Special rates on lodging at Ruby Summit Point – 25% off Lodging on Driver’s Club Days
  • Free electric hookup in paddock for all Driver’s Club and non-Driver’s Club track days
  • Guest driver fee (as a driver) of $200 a day or $350 for 2 days. You may have up to 2 guests per day.*
Driver’s Club Fees
  • One-time New Member Initiation Fee: $1000
  • New Member Referral: $500 New Member (must be referred by current club member).
  • Monthly Membership Fee: $150/month from March – November (9 months).
  • Track Day Fee: $175 for a single day, $300 for 2 back-to-back days
  • Renewal Discount: $750 (for 2016 Members)
  • Pay in Advance Discount: $500 (full year paid for by/on date of first event) ?????

*some limitations and exclusions apply

Contact Chris White ( or 304-725-8444 for more details.