BSR is the recognized leader in vehicle anti-terrorist and criminal activity training for Military and Governmental applications worldwide. With 30 years of experience, BSR understands terrorism and criminal activity related to vehicular matters and has developed a conceptual base for responses that is state-of-the-art. These concepts have been transformed into ever expanding curricula for the training of a great range of drivers including Military staff drivers, Military attachés, senior Military officers, Federal special agents, hostage rescue personnel, Diplomats, security officers, undercover agents, governmental protective service personnel, counter-terrorist units charged with rescue missions and others. BSR’s expertise in the security field led to the formation of effective safety and recreational drivers schools.

BSR’s excellence in training is not due to one aspect of the company or a single individual’s qualifications. Rather, it is the sum of quality factors in all areas pertinent to training that produces a unit of exceptional merit. BSR has evolved in response to the past 30 years of evolution in terrorism and vehicle related criminal activity. During this time, various US Government and Military groups have required differing levels and emphases in BSR training. Client needs have dictated directions in BSR facility improvement and curricula development. These evolutionary changes have yielded a highly flexible use of facility and instructor staff to custom tailor programs accurately to clients’ varied needs. More Information at: BSR »