Accident Avoidance

“Drivers ed” teaches beginners how to drive. BSR’s Accident Avoidance training teaches already-licensed drivers how to handle highway emergencies. So trained, Accident Avoidance graduates will have the opportunity to respond instantaneously and more positively to any driving emergency. The difference can save lives. LEARN MORE>

Knowing that some highway-driving emergencies are beyond prevention and will occur, BSR has learned it is imperative that effective, specialized Accident Avoidance training take place on realistic highway-type road circuits. BSR’s four training circuits contrast strongly with the parking lots and public roads typically utilized in traditional “drivers ed.”

As important as the realistic venue is the necessity that instructors be skilled in accident avoidance dynamics at highway speeds.

BSR’s specialized Accident Avoidance training includes:

  • “Swerve to avoid” maneuvers at highway speeds.
  • Ocular driving techniques (focus your attention on a positive goal such as an escape route, rather than a problem such as a tree or another vehicle).
  • Understanding vehicle dynamics and feedback.
  • Skid control and recovery practice on a dedicated skid pad and on a slalom course.
  • Threshold braking on straights and progressive braking on curves.
  • Off-road recovery.