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Director’s Message

These are exciting times at Summit Point Raceway. Next year, 2019, we celebrate our 50th year and our first year under new ownership by Xator Corporation. I’m proud to be a part of both and look forward to many more years of bringing our fans great events.

In early October 1969, the first race was held here at Summit Point. Future owner Bill Scott finished ahead of Skip Barber in the inaugural Formula V race. IMSA was supposed to be the sanctioning body for the event but pulled out at the last minute. The local region of the SCCA stepped up to the challenge and helped make the event a success. This marked the first of a long history of partnerships with our local region, of which I am proud to say I am a member, and that partnership continues to this day.

You may also have heard that we are installing deer fencing around our Motorsports area of the park. This is a huge investment by our new owners and one that all who participate at Summit Point will be able to appreciate. The fence when complete will be over 3 miles in length and enclose all three circuits. We also have other plans in motion to drive out the remaining deer population. When we put out the word of the project the DC Region of the SCCA, PCA Potomac, and PCA Riesentöter all stepped up and contributed to the project. Many, many thanks to those clubs for their help!

Even this newsletter is new! Our Motorsports Team has grown over the last few months showing the level of commitment on the part of our new owners to growing our favorite sport!  We welcomed Amanda Wallace to our team and she will be helping to publish this newsletter, as well as communicate with our fans and organizations to bring a high level of service to our patrons.

I look forward to seeing everyone this season at Summit Point, both on track and trackside!

Chris White,

Director of Motorsports